Monday, 9 February 2015

Seven Years War all dayer

New pics here 

An all day game with my original gaming chums in deepest Dorset on Saturday. First time we had put all the figures out. Mostly Simons figures with detachments of Nigel and Geoffs Prussians and my Austrians. 

Mad monk Disputin gives his blessing to the Austro-Russian alliance. 

Initial advance of the Austrian infantry. 

The Russians on the ridge observe the advance of the Prussian centre. 

A nebulous cloud of Cossacks. 

Russian and Austrian artillery. 

Austrian infantry advance with their flank protected by the Austrian and Russian heavy cavalry brigades. 

Prussian infantry advance on the Russian held ridge. 

Prussian infantry face the Austrian infantry onslaught. 

The Austrians push through the woods. 

A solid Austrian firing line is formed. 

Prussians close in on the Russian line. 

 Russian cavalry. 

Masses more photos can be found here -

Cracking game using a home grown set of rules based on WRGs 1685- rules. 

The Austro-Russian plan worked out perfectly (for a change!). The Russians (Simon) held the left and centre occupying Nigels Prussian while the Austrian infantry (me) attacked in force supported by the massed heavy cavalry on their right flank against Geoffs Prussians. Fortunately Mat had a great day with our cavalry making a mess of their Prussian cavalry opponents. This quickly allowed me to fully commit the Austrians confidently en masse overwhelming the smaller Prussian force facing them. 


  1. Epic! Lovely terrain and figures...and the mad monk, Disputin, made me chuckle!

  2. Very, very, very impressive!

  3. Very nice, inspiration to collect and paint my 10mm SYW!