Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Flying Lead at Gloucester

Introduced a couple of chaps to the Song Of club at Gloucester last week.

Went for a street violence type setting with 4 gangs fighting over the goodies from the Mayors helicopter which had been shot down. The crash proof containers were represented by 6 numbered counters. At the end of the game each counter was worth 5 points. We rolled a d6 and that counter was worth 10 as it was the Mayor's favourite Christmas pudding.

As is often the case the newbies slaughtered the more experienced players!


  1. I love the pictures. Such colourful gangs.
    I've had Flying Lead since the day it was released and have yet to get a chance to play it. Argh!

  2. Fun! Brakes go out on the car?

  3. Nice, where did you source the vehicles? I like Flying Lead and like you have Foundry Street Violence figs.

  4. Tom, the card vehicles are freebies from the Mega Miniatures site. I assume they are still available?