Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Spartan Dystopian Legions

The rest of the Britannian boxed starter set.


  1. I have resisted Dystopian legions so far. BUT are these figures very compatable with Artizans Sky Pirates?

    I am tempted though especially when I see such nicely painted figures.

  2. Hi Clint, sadly Spartan have chosen to go with a pretty unique 33mm ish size which means they are way too big to match in with all the 28mm ranges. I assume it's a marketing ploy although I'd have still bought them if they'd been smaller to go with all my other VSF/Steampunk types. Great fun to paint the larger figures. I'm waiting for opponents to get sorted so I can have a game now.

    1. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it.

  3. They do look great but as already said they are quite large. I quite like the ninjas in the Asian faction.