Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dead Walk Again - Zombies in Reading 27th July 2011

The Miracle Child - Scenario by Steve H

In a secure compound The Umbrella Scientific Organisation have been experimenting with a cure for the zombie plague, but have so far been unsuccessful. However a few months back a child wandered out of the dead zone totally unharmed. Furthermore the zombies near the entrance to the base simply ignored her as she walked amongst them. The doctors carried out numerous tests, but pulse, blood and other assorted medical tests came back normal. She seemed normal, quiet, in fact she would not speak, docile, submissive even…she even ate normal canteen food. She certainly wasn’t infected. When placed in a test room with ‘captured’ zombies they simply ignored her (as if she was one of them). Why was she immune? One scientist (who was going a bit stir-crazy) believed it was psychological and thought that the girl could control zombies with her mind, his fellow white coats thought he was an idiot. Deciding he was correct, he smuggled the girl away on ‘field trip’ to the local infected town, leaving a note that he was off to prove his point………

Chas and Spike - Guns for hire

Chad and Cherelle from the trailer park (she's goigious!!)

Kurt Bustle (Elvis Impersonator) and a strangely un-named SWAT fellow.

Hannibal and BA - Awaiting a plan to come together

A team of mercenaries and a few armed scientists have been sent to find the young girl, she must be returned at all costs. The SWAT/Security van can only get so far through the streets and so the team has to proceed on foot. Get into the town, find the girl and get her out. At least one member of the team has to survive to get her back to the compound.

She's out there somewhere...

The team leave the SWAT van and Chad and Cheryl waste no time in heading straight for the Plasticville Hospital, only to get a nasty shock as the patients and staff make a break for the open door.

With a little help from their friends, Chad and Cherelle clear the hospital of Zs and the team move on to the next block and after a little discussion head towards Central Park.

Zombies are still quiet up to the point that Chas and Spike let rip and SWAT man opens up with sustained fire, killing a numbers of Zs but attracting 7 more.

Elvis impersonator Kurt goes for the "Little less conversation approach and gives a Z a short range shotgun blast.

Zs start to close in from all sides, attracted by the gun fire.

Cherelle in perille! Our Trashy heroine does what she does best and hangs around a street sign. That girl cannot resist a pole.

The boys step in and ave the girl but Zs are now into contact for the first time. The pressure mounts on the team.

BA cannot resist popping into Texas Steve's Auto Parts. Surely not the time for shopping?

Chad makes a stand in the park. "It's okay, go on without me". I am not sure he really said that, but his teammates were convinced so they went on without him.

Hannibal guards the door of the autoparts store. BA searches through the store and finds the girl. My, she has grown up (and outwards).

Chad falls after sustaining multiple wounds.

And promptly gets back up again - Zombified!

The un-named SWAT man fails a fear test and is dragged down by the Zs now led by Zombie-Chad.

The gang make good their escape. What secrets will the Miracle Girl reveal....?

An unusually successful mission for the survivors. I obviously was not tough enough on them!

Rules used were Dead Walk Again. Join the Yahoo Group and get the rules for free at

Buildings are from Ainsty, Plasticville and various in card stock.

Zombies are from the excellent Dead Will Walk range by Cold War, survivors are mostly from Foundry


  1. Great stuff. You have a very nice collection of fugures and terrain

  2. Enjoying your blog. Looks like a fun zombie game. I can't place the "Elvis" figure. Do you know who the manufacturer is, I would like to pick one up to go with my other elvi.

  3. Great batrep and very nice terrain and minis. Is that trailer in the park made from paper?