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7Tv game at the Club - 10th May 2011

After the Department X raid on their Slough branch, United Radionics have relocated to a run down industrial estate in Bracknell, where it is believed has been left some interesting clues to plans made during the Korean War for a new form of Sonic Weapon. Department X arrive by some fluke at the same time and so followed a "gather" mission (see 7Tv rulebook). Each building contains a clue counter each of varying value.

DX are joined in this special edition by the cast of Police series "Beat". UR have joined forces with the mysterious Guru who runs the SHIVA organisation.

DI Skelton's favourite snitch "King Tut" Tuttle is deployed in an Infiltration role, hoping to make the most of his saboteur and repair abilities.

A crazy camera angle shows Pandora King and Hugo Solomon finding a clue.

The Guru played by Roget De Lago leads his fanatical SHIVA cultists.

Genral Gordon's troops form line in a strangely dated manouver.

Head of UR in the UK, Lancelot Cray with his favourite Femdroid, his bodyguard Lionel and a stray technician make for the largest building.

With much tyre-screeching - it's the Rozzers, led by the intrepid WPC Cathy Black (once she has finished the tea).

The heroes of "The Beat" make their guest appearence. Slumming it in a Ford Escort this week.

Battle is well and truly joined as Pandora takes down a Cultist leader and battles against one of the Guru's Thuggee bodyguards. Solomon sees stars after an amazing one followed by a re-roll of, you guessed it, a one leaves him confused by the Guru's mental powers just in time for his ward the lovely but deadly Kali to cause him a wound with her poisoned knife.

A star is almost born as PC Extra hurls himself out of the back of the van, which has itself just done a handbrake turn, and into combat with a nameless minion. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, that would be another one rolled! Good effort nonetheless.

The confused Solomon is clobbered well and truly by the lethal Kali who takes full advantage of the befuddled but well dressed agent. Pandora fells another Cultist but another Thugge is on the way.

A fierce exchange of fire with Femdroids thins out the General's troops. Perhaps line in the open was not the best idea. The General is himself only saved by his superior toughness.

How did we get here? Pandora uses a teleportation gadget to transfer herself an the two Thuggees she is fighting into a building where DI Skelton's surving cast members are holed up after clearing it of minions and frigtening off the Man in the Lead Suit with a fierce one liner about his parentage. The Thuggees are felled by a swift roundhouse from Pandora.

The game came to a close as the 10pm watershed approached. Victory to the forces of naughtiness as they found by far the most clue counters. Although, the good guys lost a lot of constables and soldiers early on, none of the casts got to the morale test stage so it was a close run fight.

Figures from the usual suspects, Crooked Dice, Killerbgames, Copplestone and Artizan. Cultists are from Pulp figures as were Kali and a couple of the technicians. The Thuggees are Tong from Brigade Games in the USA.

The buildings are gift boxes. Lids have been spray painted with fleck spray. The walls are done using Model Builder software again from the US, printed and pritt sticked (stucked?) onto the sides of the boxes.

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  1. Hi there, couldn't really tell from the pix - but how well do Killer B's "Geezers" sit with the Copplestone/Artizan figures? I just remember them being on the small side when I saw some. Cheers, Tim